Chanticleer, Wayne PA

Chanticleer is a jewel among the many estate and public gardens in the U.S. Situated in the suburbs of south Philadelphia, It sits on 48 rolling acres and is aptly billed as a ‘pleasure dscf0229garden.’ It is the gift of Adolf Rosengarten Jr., whose family was in the pharmaceutical business. Rosengarten, who loved trees, made provisions before his death in 1990 to maintain the estate as a public garden.

“Our vision for Chanticleer is to be one of the most beautiful gardens in the world while maintaining the feel of a private garden,” says executive director William Thomas. “We want each person to feel like a special guest of the Rosengartens.” He adds, “Chanticleer is about pleasure and beauty, but that doesn’t mean it’s not educational. We are an excellent environment in which to study plants, combinations, containers, garden design, use of structure and furniture within designs, and plant culture.”

Experienced gardeners eagerly visit Chanticleer again and again because they always find new and unusual plants used in interestidscf0193ng designs and combinations that get their creative juices flowing. Even non-gardeners love the experience too, for few public gardens combine art, horticulture, and emotion with such skill.

Plan to spend no less than a half day at Chanticleer—a full day to really see it all and take time to sit in all the wonderful handmade chairs and benches scattered throughout the garden. There is no place to buy food or drinks but you can to bring your own and picnic at one of the several designated picnic areas. More details are at, phone: 610-687-4163.

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